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Founded in 2011

Links into Spanish activities all take place in Cantabria, Northern Spain where we have close links with the regional and local government, educational institution in all sectors, commercial enterprises and the many tourist attractions in the region.

Working with these partners have enabled us to create unique and rich experiences for learners of Spanish from all ages which include language teaching, a variety of opportunities to experience local culture and meet local people, visits to the many places of interest in Cantabria and a deeper contact with the country than is often available on courses or trips abroad.

We believe that learning Spanish from native speakers in a safe, organised environment with a language and culture programme tailored to the client’s needs, whether that’s a school, a university or an individual adult learner is the key to a successful Spanish immersion experience. This is part of the unique appeal of Links into Spanish.

One special feature of our work is that we arrange interactions with native speakers in the same peer group as our learners. For example we collaborate with Cantabria´s Network for Primary and Secondary Schools, Spanish Universities, and the Universidad Nacional de Aulas para la Tercera Edad (UNATE), the Spanish equivalent of University of Third Age to link learners of Spanish with native speakers who are just like them. We also link with governmental and commercial organisations to organise innovative work experience opportunities.

The Government of Cantabria, the Mayors of the region and Links into Spanish welcome you to this beautiful region of Spain, or as we say, …….Cantabria Infinita!

So far, hundreds of learners have enjoyed an outstanding bespoke Spanish immersion programme designed by Links into Spanish. Will you join them?

Links into Spanish is a Corporate Member of the Association for Language Learning (ALL), works in collaboration with the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS), and works with partner schools around the UK.

Y para los amantes de Escocia que quieran descubrir sus encantos en Español, hemos diseñado un conjunto de programas que satisfacen desde la inquietud cultural, histórica, gastronómica hasta incluso el lado esotérico de un país de enigmas y misterios. El equipo receptivo aúna experiencia y motivación para que los testimonios posteriores a cada visita sean la mejor referencia de nuestra calidad.


"Establish Cantabria as the top destination in Spain to foment the learning of linguistic and cultural aspects that the Spanish Language has got to offer to the UK citizens and worldwide".

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Corporate member of Association for Language Learning and strategic partner with (ALL) & International University Menendez Pelayo (UIMP).

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